Independent Living With Mark Bates Ltd

More Than 25 Years Experience

Mark Bates Ltd is proud to be an award winning, family run business, that has built its foundations on looking after customers and providing unparalleled levels of service. 

More than 25 years ago, we began with Mobility Scooter and Powerchair insurance, a policy which is still one of the most popular purchases, but is now supported by a range of options. Each cover is meticulously designed to provide the most comprehensive cover available, giving total peace of mind and supported from start to finish at our head office in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Supporting Your Independence

Personal Care Assistants

Our PCA policy offers protection for individuals working as a self-employed Personal Assistant and is often referred to as Carer Insurance or PA Insurance. In contrast to our Home Employment policy, this is offered to individuals that work as a Carer and a self-employed basis and isn’t appropriate for those employing someone. This protects the self-employed PA for Public Liability, Legal Expense, Personal Accidents and much more.

Direct Payments Insurance

We have been protecting and supporting individual employers for more than a decade. The policy we offer goes by many names including Carer Employment Insurance, Direct Payments Carer Insurance or simply Direct Payments Insurance.

You may receive Direct Payments, have a Health Budget or be funding a PA yourself. Whatever you need Employer Indemnity Insurance for we’ve got you covered.

Independent Living Group

As part of our continued support of individual employers and those people that help them, we have created the Independent Living Group (ILG). The ILG aims to bring together like-minded individuals to offer not only employment guidance and peer support, but a haven for people to share their experiences and interact with others.

ILG Support

It doesn’t matter what type of independent living insurance you are looking for, with every policy we offer you’ll receive proactive employment support. ILG offers employment advice and legal support tailored around the specific needs of individual employers of Personal Assistants.

Mobility Equipment

We offer a wide range of policies to protect almost all the mobility equipment you may require to live independently. From mobility scooter and powerchairs, to manual wheelchairs and also your accompanying in-home needs — we cover it all!

Our Principles

Customer Service

It’s easy to make bold claims about customer service, but we have the facts to back it up. We are proud of what our customers say about us, and fly our flag based on the level of customer service we provide. When we manage all the moving parts, we can innovate fast, but also keep control of everything we produce. We offer a complete service from start to finish and a team of motivated individuals to provide it.

Family Run

Being run by Mark and many of the Bates family means a lot to us. They have worked hard to gain the trust of our customers and this is something we will never let go. We are motivated to provide all of our products to the best of our ability and with the integrity to live up to our name.

Be Different

Mark Bates Ltd is unapologetically unique in many of the ways we do things which allows us the freedom to be creative. You can forget what you know about insurance brokers because we do almost everything ourselves, allowing us to provide the best standard of care. You won’t find any sub-contracted claims teams or corners cut. Everything runs from our head office in Grantham, Lincolnshire by our 80-strong team of staff.

Welcome To The Premier Club

As a very special thank you, all of our policy holders receive free access to the Premier Club Rewards, meaning huge savings on the biggest brands both on the high street and online as well as some great days out.