Individual Employers

A Decade In The Making

We have been protecting and supporting individual employers for more than a decade. The policy we offer goes by many names including Carer Employment Insurance, Direct Payments Carer Insurance or simply Direct Payments Insurance.

These names aside, we strive to provide the best possible policy for anyone employing a carer (PA) in their own home. Our policy protects both the Carer & Employer covering them for Employers Liability, Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, Compensation Awards and much more. The majority of the Individual Employers Insurance protects Personal Assistants employed through the local authority direct payment scheme, however, our policyholders could also receive a personal health budget, or simply fund care in the home themselves.

Whatever you need Employer Indemnity Insurance for we’ve got you covered.

Working In Partnership With

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We are delighted to be partnering with the Independent Living Group, a national peer support group aiming to help others just like you navigate social care, health and employment.

Best Practice
We want to utilise our national networks to share and promote great examples of personalised support in action.
Expert Content
Partnering with industry leading organisations to provide expert blogs, tools and documents.
Members Resources
Individual employer guidance and factsheets regularly updated for you, including newsletters and video tutorials.

Looking After Individual Employers

Proactive Employment Support

Employment advice and legal support tailored around the specific needs of individual employers of Personal Assistants. Our pro-active, personalised approach to legal advice is designed to ensure everyone gets the level of service they require precisely when they need it. We understand that support for Direct Payments and Personal Health Budget recipients operates best when it is tailored around the needs of individuals.

Premier Club Rewards For All

As a thank you for being a customer you, and all of your PAs will get FREE and exclusive access to The Premier Club Rewards. Full of exciting offers that will save you money on some of the biggest brands from the high street, on-line and top-notch days out.

A Place to Thrive

As partners we will work with you to provide all of your employers exclusive access to support groups both online and in person. Providing a peer to peer network with people in similar situations that our policy holders find invaluable.