Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission at Mark Bates Ltd is to give our customers confidence to live independently with complete peace of mind.

Introducing Mini mark to give you an overview of our wonderful business here at Mark Bates Ltd. Learn about what makes us different from other insurance companies and what that means for you.

Our Principles

Customer Service

It’s easy to make bold claims about customer service, but we have the facts to back it up. We are proud of what our customers say about us, and fly our flag based on the level of customer service we provide. When we manage all the moving parts, we can innovate fast, but also keep control of everything we produce. We offer a complete service from start to finish and a team of motivated individuals to provide it.

Family Run

Being run by Mark and many of the Bates family means a lot to us. They have worked hard to gain the trust of our customers and this is something we will never let go. We are motivated to provide all of our products to the best of our ability and with the integrity to live up to our name.

Be Different

Mark Bates Ltd is unapologetically unique in many of the ways we do things which allows us the freedom to be creative. You can forget what you know about insurance brokers because we do almost everything ourselves, allowing us to provide the best standard of care. You won’t find any sub-contracted claims teams or corners cut. Everything runs from our head office in Grantham, Lincolnshire by our 80-strong team of staff.