Car Insurance

The best way to get your car insurance, by miles

A fairer kind of car insurance for lower mileage drivers

Traditional insurance doesn’t make sense if you don’t drive much, so we’ve teamed up with By Miles to offer you the most innovative and cost effective way to ensure your car.

A fixed annual cost to cover your car while it’s parked, then you just pay for the miles you drive each month.

Hassle Free
No need to search the market, get all the information in one place.
Quick and Easy
No complicated forms to fill in, guided quotes from people that care.
Tailored to You
You won’t find any generic quoting systems here, we’ll get you the cover you need.
The Right Liability
From third party only, to fully comprehensive, we do it all.
We Won't Forget
Free reminder and renewal quote service included in every policy.
Rewards Built In
Exclusive Access to The Premier Club rewards to save you even more!

The Best Way To Get Your Car Insurance

You could be overpaying on your insurance by more than £233 per year simply because you drive less miles than average*.

A fairer kind of car insurance for lower mileage drivers

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By Miles

Fairer Pricing

Pay for what you use and always be covered by fully comprehensive insurance. No Claims Bonus protection comes as standard.

Total Transparency

Instantly see the exact cost of each days driving in our app, then pay for what you’ve driven monthly. Simple as that.

Easier To Manage

Stay in complete control with simple bills, reminders and features to help you take care of your car on a daily basis.