Home Help Insurance

Specifically designed for individuals who, out of necessity or choice, employ people in their home

The policy provides a unique range of covers that are highly desirable to protect your position as an employer of individuals whilst in the course of their employment by you.

Public Liability
As a consequence of bodily injury or property damage to a third party while care is taking place.
Employers' Liability
In the event that your employee suffers injury or illness whilst working for you.
Legal Expenses
Upgrade to our plus or deluxe policy and receive cover for your legal expenses following an employment dispute.
Personal Accident
A little less to worry about because we have put protection in place in the event you suffer an accident.
Financial Loss
Protecting you against financial loss following the actions of your employee, including theft and fraudulent use of your debit or credit cards.
Employment Support
Proactive employment support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a variety of means.

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12 months – you will receive an email from us prior to the expiry of cover offering renewal for a further 12 month period.

You can only purchase this insurance on line if you employ 5 persons or less. You may still apply for this insurance, but may only do so by contacting us by phone or email.

Yes – a help line is provided for you to call and if appropriate you can be provided with copies of standard employment contracts, letters and other documents.

No - the policy only provides cover whilst the person is working for you in a personal capacity in connection with your domestic arrangements.

No, provided that the activity is undertaken whilst working for you in a personal capacity in connection with your domestic arrangements.

No – you will not be asked to contribute towards any claim under the policy.

Any of the above situations, even if handled correctly and appropriately, could result in allegations being made against you by your employee, for example for unfair dismissal or discrimination. In order for you to be covered for the cost of legal expenses and compensation awarded by a tribunal you must contact the legal advice service as soon as such potential situations arise and before you take any action against your employee. A fuller explanation and contact details for the legal advice service can be found in the policy wording.