Manual Wheelchair Insurance

With cover starting from just £28, our Manual Wheelchair Insurance is perfect for those that rely on their wheelchair.

Complete Protection

Our manual wheelchair insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who rely their wheelchair to get from A to B.

If your wheelchair is powered, see our specialist insurance here

24/7 National Breakdown Recovery
Our specialist team are available 24 hours a day on a free phone number. Enabling you and your equipment to get home if you are ever stranded.
Accidental Damage
Repair of your pride and joy following an accident, theft or vandalism so you will be up and about in no time.
No Excess
We don't require any contribution to a claim regardless of blame, so your pennies will stretch that little bit further.
Temporary Hire
You’ll never stop moving with the hire equipment needed to keep you independent whilst yours is being repaired.
Public Liability
Covering claims against you if you have accidentally injured someone or damaged their property.
New For Old
You won’t get left behind. If your product is less than two years old we’ll replace it with a new version if it is beyond repair.

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Below are the most relevant documents for this scheme. The actual documentation for your policy will be determined by the level of cover selected.

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You can either ring our 24/7 national breakdown recovery number or we will reimburse your taxi fare home (terms and conditions apply).

If you knock somthing over while using your manual wheelchair and someone takes legal action against you then we offer up to £2 million personal liability protection.

Unfortunately our Manual Wheelchair Insurance doesn’t cover you for sporting activities.

Provided you store your equipment as advised in our policy wording, our geographical coverage includes anywhere in the UK. We also offer 90 days worldwide cover (terms and conditions apply).

The monthly direct debit facility is only available for products valued more than £3,000. There is a £5 administration charge included within your monthly instalments.

You will need to take out either our Standard or Plus Mobility Scooter Insurance policy instead of Manual Wheelchair Insurance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide cover for multiple users of the equipment.