Personal Care Assistant Insurance

For self-employed care assistants providing support to people in the home or out in the community

If you're a self-employed carer this policy is for you

Our Carers Insurance policy is suitable for almost all social care funded support. It covers oral administration of medication, moving, handling, feeding, meal prep, personal care and support to access the community away from the home

If you are also performing in depth healthcare tasks which require professional training and which in most cases are funded by health, please select the healthcare option during your Carers Insurance quote.

Public Liability
As a consequence of bodily injury or property damage to a third party while care is taking place.
Legal Expenses
Cover for your legal expenses if you are injured or suffer a loss whilst at work.
Personal Accident
A little less to worry about because we can put protection in place in the event you suffer an accident.
Personal Possessions
Repair or replacement of your possessions if they are damaged whilst you are caring for your client.
24 Hour Employment Support
Helplines to support you with tax and legal questions to help you run your business.
No Excess
We don't require any contribution to a claim regardless of blame, so your pennies will stretch that little bit further.

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This activity will be included, provided that it only forms a minor part of the activities you carry out and they are the children of the service user or the children the service user is responsible for.

This is covered up to a limit of £5,000,000 other than in respect of; brittle or fragile items which are subject to a limit of £1,000. The policy also includes the cost of repairs, up to £100, should it be necessary to force entry to the premises due to a medical emergency.

If this is in connection with your occupation you should check with your car insurer to see if you are adequately covered. You may need to extend it for business use, which may result in an additional charge. This policy will not cover you for incidents involving your car.

This activity will be included, if it only forms a minor part of the activities you carry out for the service user.

We include all these activities within the definition of a personal care assistants insured activities.

If the incident is covered by the policy the insurer will deal with the matter on your behalf corresponding with third parties, their lawyers and the court.

The policy includes a free legal and tax advice helpline to assist you in such matters.