Powerchair Insurance

Support your independence with complete confidence that you can stay mobile with our Powerchair Insurance

Complete Protection

For complete peace of mind, combine this with our Powerchair Warranty to make sure you’re covered for mechanical and electrical breakdown.

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Public Liability
Covering claims against you if you have accidentally injured someone or damaged their property.
24/7 National Breakdown Recovery
Our specialist team are available 24 hours a day on a free phone number. Enabling you and your equipment to get home if you are ever stranded.
Accidental Damage
Get your equipment repaired following an accident, theft or vandalism so you will be up and about in no time.
Temporary Hire
You'll never stop moving with the hire equipment needed to keep you independent whilst yours is being repaired.
Worldwide Travel
See more of the world with ease, because you can take your own equipment with you while you travel.
Puncture Cover
Upgrade your Mobility Scooter Insurance to our Plus policy to be covered for punctures to your tyres.

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Below are the most relevant documents for this scheme. The actual documentation for your policy will be determined by the level of cover selected.

Welcome To The Premier Club

As a very special thank you, all of our policy holders receive free access to the Premier Club Rewards, meaning huge savings on the biggest brands both on the high street and online as well as some great days out.


No. Free insurance means exactly that, it's completely free!

Please note however, if you have already had a free insurance policy on your product you will no longer qualify as this offer is only available once.

You can either ring our 24/7 national breakdown recovery number or we will reimburse your taxi fare home (terms and conditions apply).

Provided you store your equipment as advised in our policy wording, our geographical coverage includes anywhere in the UK as well as 90-days worldwide cover (terms and conditions apply).

Our Mobility Scooter Insurance Plus cover comes with all the benefits of our standard cover and the following additional benefits:

Full Breakdown Recovery - Your cover will be extended to also cover recovery in the event of a puncture of battery failure.

Puncture Repair - covers the cost of repairing a puncture to any tyre fixed to the mobility scooter.

Any Driver - covers any person driving your equipment with your permission.

Alternative Mobility Vehicle - If you have an accident whilst using your mobility scooter and at the same time suffer injury which renders the mobility scooter unsuitable, we will pay the cost of a suitable replacement.

Legal Expenses - To recover damages from a negligent third party if you are injured or your mobility equipment is damaged.

No, unlike other insurance companies we believe in an 'all in one' encompassing policy and want you to be fully covered in the event of a claim.

Yes, to pay monthly there is a small £5 administration charge which is spread over your monthly instalments.

To make a claim, call our claims helpline on 01476 514471 or email us at claims@markbatesltd.com and we will take care of the rest. We fully appreciate that it is essential to resolve a claim efficiently and effectively.

Although there is no mobility scooter insurance requirement legally, however several institutions highly recommend it.

The Department For Transport state "it is strongly advised that people take out insurance to cover personal safety, other people’s safety and the value of the vehicle."